Sydney Pro Theme Issues

I’m the designer in charge to enhance ‘’ website. I picked Sydney’s theme and I had Rosy Katich ‘’ from the company to buy Sydney Pro-ii version. Below, I need some questions to be answered a.s.a.p. …

  • How can I change the color of a container wrapper window or simply get rid of it without to affect the design and functionalities?
  • How can I remove unwanted text, link and box in that same container window which are : [Edit/ Leave a Reply/ Logged in as admin. Log out?/ Comment/ and the box] again, without to affect Sydney’s theme design?
  • How can I center this image file : ‘A Caress You Cannot Forget’ <> which is set to be in that container window, but not when you open the website?
    Website is: using ‘Sydney Pro’ theme.
    Looking forward to your prompt answer!
    Patrick Ibanez


Doesn’t look like you’re using Sydney?

Thanks for your reply, I just posted back using Sydney Pro,
looking forward to your advices regarding the settings to perform described in my previous post.
Again thanks!

Okay, you’ll need a custom CSS plugin to add some code, any plugin you want.

  • I assume you want to remove the white background:

.page-wrap .content-wrapper {
     background-color: transparent;

  • deactivate the comments for that page, it’s a WP core feature which Sydney respects. Edit your page and go to Discussion. The edit link shows only if you’re logged in;
  • assign the Full width page template for your home page. I suggest you also hide the title for that specific page:

.home .entry-header {
    display: none;

Let me know if I missed anything. Expect some delays as I’ll be mostly gone this weekend.