Sydney Pro slider update

hey guys

not sure if this was posted before… i noticed the latest update for sydney pro no longer has revolution slider support right? :frowning:

i really liked it as a feature, and the theme itself is amazing.

i have a license for revolution slider, is there any easy way to continue using it?



Where did you noticed that, we haven’t updated it yet? :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you bought Sydney Pro with Rev Slider you don’t need to worry. We just had to stop bundling it from this point forward.

Awesome. I bought it with rev slider, but the other day when i downloaded the zip again it uncompressed as sydney-pro-ii and it’s got crelly slider :slight_smile:

any chance i can get the zip with rev slider again? i can’t find my local copy.


Sure, send me an email to vlad[at]