Sydney Pro Scrolling Home Page

Good morning, I am a first time user of Sydney Pro. I like this theme for it’s professional looking and modern design. I primarily want to feature my portfolio of work.

I seem to be missing something because I want to feature my portfolio on the home page as you scroll down. All I can do at this point is have my ABOUT page. I want my site to look like the demo where you can scroll down and see everything but I can’t seem to figure out how that works. I upgraded to pro thinking it would be easier but I must be missing something.

Any help or hints would be very much appreciated! Here is my site so far


Hi Paul,

So you want to scroll the page to the target section when you click the menu? If so, please try the instruction in here and let me know how it goes.


Thanks Awan,

I didn’t understand the instructions. Is there somewhere to send me that breaks it down a little more?