Sydney Pro - Responsive header slider/

how to make images in the header slider adaptive for mobile devices?

Hello Igor,

Images in the header slider are already adaptive for mobile devices, but they are cut in portrait mode to keep the right aspect ratio of the header slider.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,

Please see my link and tell me why I have pictures of the header are displayed incorrectly.

I have another question: how to change the design of Woocommerce pages - shop, cart, checkout.


Okay Igor,

  1. I checked your slider and looks like it works just like it should.

  2. Can you please specify what exactly do you want to change?

Kind Regards, Roman.

  1. As the slider is working properly? Pictures not reduced and not adapted for the mobile phone…

  2. Now the template store the default archive-product. I want to change store design, shopping cart and a checkout page to the other pages in the website. I want to change the size of the button “add To cart”. Do you have Russian speaking support? It’s hard for me to explain in English))


Design I redid it, but the sidebar is on the left and the right. How can I reduce the size of the button “add to cart”?

Здравствуйте Игорь,

Попробуйте использовать следующий CSS код для того, чтобы уменьшить кнопку ДОБАВИТЬ В КОРЗИНУ.

Вы можете добавлять CSS код на свой сайт с помощью плагина Simple Custom CSS (просто скопируйте CSS код и вставьте его зайдя в Консоль -> Внешний вид -> Custom CSS после установки и активации плагина). Также вы можете добавлять CSS код непосредственно в файл style.css своей дочерней темы.

.woocommerce .add_to_cart_button {
    font-size: 80% !important;

С уважением, Роман.