Sydney Pro; Projects Masonary - odd alignment

Hi Athemes

We’ve had issues from the outset with Projects not displaying correctly (first thought it was user error).

Some of our projects have additional pixels - and it pushes out the next project and causes obvious project gaps and minor alignment issues. It’s on my homepage

All our images are the same size and I’ve resorted to deleting and uploading again (deleting whole sections to avoid the defunct row) but must be a code issue - looks like isotope item gallery have different pixels on a few.

It’s noticeable on any screen size - so it’s not related to the particular post, more the container.

Can you check the coding for me please?


Hello Helen,

  1. Your portfolio images are not the same, please use exactly the same images (in terms of size in pixels) in order to achieve what you want.

  2. Otherwise that widget works as it should, it displays masonry layout if images are not of the same size. You can check this link if you want to learn more about masonry layout:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Helen, Impressed by your website…
Hope you don’t mind me asking
In relation to projects…how did you get text in the project boxes… I have included excerpt text…but nothing…
If you can help I would appreciate it

Hi Brent

Thank you.

It’s just the heading/title. I have them as ‘gallery’ under Category type and put the link in Project Info. Don’t forget to put in equal size images (if you want it all equal) in the Featured Image.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Helen, thank you,…

have done all of the above…still doesn’t come up… except the image size… they are all the same size, but the image size is different pixel wise…annoying… so will tweak that later

I shall keep tweeking things till the text appears


Hi Brent

The actual plug in will need the following settings, so edit from your actual homepage where your project gallery plug-in appears.

Title: What ever you want shown as section header
Show All: -1
Slugs: Gallery
Tick: Show project title

This will make your headings appear on top of the red vignette.


Thank you Helen…
As soon as I ticked the show project title…wala…thank you heaps…