Sydney Pro Parralaxing background images very slowly compared to Sydney or header slider

I am finding on Safari that my background images are either not parallaxing or moving only very slightly I am not having this trouble with Sydney theme? Please help I am out of ideas!!

Hi there,

There is some redirect on your site and I cannot access it currently.


Hi what country are you in?

should be able to access it now…

What Safari version are you using please? I just checked with the latest one and it seems to work fine. There is a difference from the Chrome browser because of the way Safari works, but just a slight one.

Version 11.0.2 (13604. thanks

The paralleling on the background images seems much slower than that of the header slider this isn’t the case with Sydney theme such as this site I am working on

Okay, sorry, I didn’t noticed you were comparing to the header slider.
The code that handles parallax is different between the slider and the background images and indeed the difference is noticeable in Safari. This is something we plan to handle soon.

Hi Vlad

Thanks but I wasn’t expecting Sydney Pro to look worse than Sydney I was expecting it to be better and work really nicely with woocommerce… what time scale do you have to sort out these issues because to be honest I am currently really very disappointed with Sydney Pro which is such a shame because Sydney was great!


There should be an update in the next few days. We’ll handle this issue.