Sydney pro or elementor pro? Do I need both?

I started my site with Sydney and Site Origin Page builder. After wasting too much time and $ on plugins - trying to get the Project pages to look the way I want, or make the post archive look cleaner, I followed the Sydney theme recommendation to switch to elementor versus site origin. I lost a ton of pages because the elementor pro plugin deleted the Services, Projects and Testimonial sections. I DO understand how to re-do all of these things with elementor, but am pretty upset that I will waste more time just trying to get this stupid site to work (apologies, I am frustrated). I am now trying to decide whether to move forward with elementor pro, or whether that will merely leave me having to re-do everything again later on. So, I know you prefer one question at a time, but I did not want to spam the support community, and my questions are all related to the same question: What is the point of Sydney Pro if Elementor Pro provides the same benefits? Or do I still need both? (I have read multiple other questions similar to this, but do not really see any true answers). And I am struggling to understand why Sydney theme recommends this page builder?
Here are the questions:

  1. Am I supposed to delete the Sydney toolbox plugin after installing elementor? (As far as I can tell, it now does nothing, and might even be causing conflicts)

  2. Should I be using the Sydney child theme with elementor theme builder, or does elementor work independently (meaning I won’t lose anything upon theme updates)?

  3. Does the Sydney theme block some of the Elementor pro theme builder options? For instance one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade to Sydney pro was for better woocommerce integration and full width pages. I tried to make Elementor templates for both of these things, but it seems as if the theme won’t allow it (I get errors, or messages saying that I have to mess with the theme just to use a template). Because the Sydney full width page and woocommerce is withheld for pro, is there something in the code that blocks full woocommerce integration or full pages?

  4. Do the Sydney front end customizer and Elementor Theme Builder conflict with each other? (Do I basically have to choose between using elementor for everything or just keep trying with gutenberg plugins and Sydney pro?)

  5. Can I just use Sydney Pro with gutenberg blocks to make my website? One of the reasons I do not want to use a pagebuilder is that they only help with design. I still have to go mess with code (which is obviously not my thing) and double my work in order to go back in and edit yoast options, and lose most of the design when extending my site to AMP, schema or pushing to different platforms. I have a good feeling that I could finish the site with just Sydney Pro and gutenberg blocks. But if I want to make my sidebars look better, is that the type of help I can ask you folks for? (For example if I want the side bar to be sectioned instead of one big ugly block. I know it can be done with CSS, but don’t have time to go learn how. So is that part of the Sydney Pro “support”?)

  6. If I want to just use Sydney Pro and gutenberg, how would I move towards that now? My site is in shambles at this point, and I only care about saving the actual “content” (the information on the posts and pages). After trying different themes, plugins, and now 2 page builders, I am pretty sure there are tidbits of code in places I’ll never find…that are causing problems. So, is there any way to wipe the entire site clean (except for content) to erase all of the little left over extra pages and code from previous plugins, reinstall a fresh sydney pro theme (and child) and start over on the building, but not lose the information that was within the posts/pages)? I saw a thread about the clean up plugin, but want to be sure I would not lose actual data. My host does not provide c-panel, but I can access backups. Still, I’m not sure how far to “back up to” and really just want to start over.

  7. If I choose Elementor pro AND sydney pro, do I need to delete any code or js snippets obtained through the Athemes guides that I used before installing elementor? I keep getting errors (typically js).

  8. Finally, (and this is the overall question if you ask me to put each section in a new support ticket) - What is the benefit to using Sydney Pro, if I can build the theme with Elementor Pro? Isn’t all of the extra code for customizer and etc just bloating the site by loading multiple unnecessary things on each page/post?

I can post the questions separately if you want. Just let me know. And I’m sorry if my questions are silly. I used Sydney because I was told it was the best and easiest. I do like the theme, but it’s truly not easy for a new comer. There is no documentation about class IDs and custom posts, and when you guys send a non-developer to the wordpress codex…well, that’s not really helping. If I knew CSS and etc, I wouldn’t have needed an “easy site”!

Now that I do know a lot about the Sydney theme, I don’t really want to go and learn how a new theme works. So, my goal is to continue with Sydney Pro and simplify if possible. I appreciate help in this goal.


Hello Kelly,

First, please check this topic regarding the switch from Page Builder by SiteOrigin to Elementor:

  1. Sydney Toolbox plugin also adds Sydney-specific Elementor widgets (Testimonials, Employees, etc.), so it’s better to keep it. I’ve just noticed that it’s not mentioned in plugin description, so I asked our Developer to do it.

  2. It’s not necessary to use child theme if you won’t modify theme files. But please remember about importance of regular full site backups (files and database):
    Also you might want to check this tutorial:

  3. Please create a new detailed topic for this issue if you still need help with this.

  4. I didn’t notice any conflicts of that type. Please create a new detailed topic for this issue if you still need help with this.

  5. You do can use only Gutenberg if you know how to achieve what you want without Elementor. Regarding the sidebar, it depends on how deeply you want to modify it. But you can expect help with minor tweaks.

  6. As I mentioned in previous point, you can use Gutenberg only if you know how to achieve what you want without Elementor. You can export posts and pages in Tools → Export section and rebuild your site, but please make sure that you have (and know how to restore) backup. You can create a staging site first and try there to make sure that everything works as expected.

  7. I’m not sure about this, you didn’t mention any specific snippet or error. Please create a new topic if you want to discuss it.

  8. You can read about Sydney Pro features here and decide if you need them:
    “Isn’t all of the extra code for customizer and etc just bloating the site by loading multiple unnecessary things on each page/post?”
    It will be bloating only if you will not use Sydney Pro features. Please note that there is 30-day money back guarantee.

Sydney is designed to be quite easy to configure. And I believe that it is when you follow the documentation and edit demo content accordingly to your needs. But things can get complicated when user wants to do major modifications.

There is no documentation about class IDs and custom posts

Please create a new topic if you have some specific question.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I very much appreciate your help. Sold. I’ll post my questions in the pro forum after paying. Please mark topic resolved.

Okay, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.