Sydney pro not declare support woocommerce

i want to ask something, i recently purchased sydney pro, and i use it in my project for woo commerce, but after i upload xml file, the theme request update, after that woocommerce shpw notification just like in screenshot

is the notification true ?

please respon

thank you

Not really sure why you’re seeing that notice, we aren’t seeing it. We are declaring support for Woocommerce inside the theme’s code and we do provide styling and some templates for it. Not sure if you saw the shop page on the demo:
So if everything works ok it’s safe to ignore it.

ooo, ok. thank you for the response


Where can I find the styling and some templates for woocommerce to put on my website?
Right now, I can’t really change anything and I don’t like the outcome.
I already bought the Pro version


Hi all, When I add product like a music CD, there is no add file button for people to download it? Any news on this?