Sydney Pro II download link

How do I add a logo to Sydney Pro II
It reads Max Upload is 1Kb after I attempted to upload my logo
What am I to with that?
I paid someone to create a logo for me
She submitted 3 styles of my logo all with different file sizes
1)- 80 Kb
2)- 256Kb
3)- 870 Kb
Great Scott I just re-sized my logo to meet the maximum file size allowed to a little less than 1 Kb
fired up my website, OMG it is the size of a period I mean like a dot.
I really mean like { . } that size

Hello there,

To increase maximum file size to upload in your WordPress website, you can read follow this guide.

Or for easier option, you may want to use an additional plugin like this one:

‚ÄčI hope this reply helps. Let us know in you have further questions we can help with.

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