Sydney Pro Home page goes down on a regular basis

Hi: Every week or two, the homepage setting in (running original Sydeny Pro) the Customizing Menu where it says…
“Your homepage displays
Your latest posts
A static page”
…is unclicking itself. I have to keep resetting it to static page. If you go to, while this is happening, you just get an error message.
In the User Log (a non-user, like what you would get when there’s a pre-set security scan or whatever) always has an entry for “Post Delete” right before this happens. I have run the site by security providers and they can’t find any malware. Have you got any ideas what could be happening?
Thanks, Ed

Hi Ed,

I am not sure if our theme causes you such this kind of issue. Because it hasn’t been ever reported before.

Perhaps you didn’t notice other website’s admin was doing something with your website. It may be worth installing the User Activity Log plugin to track logged users activities.

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support