Sydney Pro - has Elementor replaced SiteOrigin's Page Builder?

Hi there, I have three sites built using Sydney Pro which I’ve found to be a great theme - thanks.

I’ve auto-updated to Wordpress 5.0.2 and am looking at editing pages. In reading the documentation, has Sydney Pro now moved to use Elementor rather than SiteOrigin’s Page Builder and Widgets?

When I look at my existing pages, they still have the SiteOrigin ‘blocks’ - but should I do something to install Elementor and move over to that?

And how does Elementor fit within Gutenberg?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hello there,

Elementor integration in the latest version is aimed for new sites. If you’ve worked with SiteOrigin’s page builder, we don’t recommend you to change it to Elementor. Because there’s no instant transfer we can do. All elements are composed manually. Thus you’ll have a lot of works. That’s why your site still have active SiteOrigin’s page builder.

This blog post will answers it better.

SiteOrigin’s Page Builder supports Gutenberg as well. The details are here:


Thanks Kharis, that’s really helpful.

If I install Sydney Pro on a new site - will that use Elementor rather than SiteOrigin’s Page Builder?

Elementor will be the most recommended. It isn’t active by default, you should activate it yourself from Appearance > Install Plugins menu.