Sydney Pro Finance Theme

I have had great success with Sydney Pro and I must say, it is one of the best Themes on the market. I have decided to utilize the Finance Theme this time, so I downloaded Sydney Pro as instructed, install Plugins, activated license and then imported the Finance Theme, activated it and then downloaded the Demo Content for the Finance Theme. What I am missing is an element that I found to be a plus to me. It is on the Home Page, just below the “Header Image” in your Demo. There are three elements that seem darkened that have a mouse over effect. In your Demo, they are labeled “Why Our Consulting”, Blog" and “Blog”. They didn’t download with the Demo content. Should they have and how can I get them?



They should have been there.

From the Elementor interface, scroll down to Sydney Elements and you’ll see Finance: Featured Pages. On the demo that custom block is added 3 times on a 3-column row.

It just pulls a page a links to it.


Thanks. I am trying to increase the default image size as well as reduce the space above and below the Logo. I’m finding the Theme to be less than I would expect, but perhaps with possible solutions to these questions I might find it to be what I was hoping for.

Also, on The Home Page, I cannot find any way to edit the content under Latest News. I understand editing in Sydney reasonably well since I have used it on over a dozen sites, but the Finance Theme doesn’t seem as friendly as Sydney Pro in general. Is it possible I am missing something that did not install when I uploaded the Finance Demo Content?


Sorry for the weekend long delay.

Could you please email me at vlad[at] with your site link and we can see about handling your questions.