Sydney pro Finance child theme

Hello, I have installed both Sydney pro and Finance themes. I followed step by step to import the demo, but no luck, I have retested the whole WP website 5-6 times to get it worked but it was the same. The demo I have imported is something else, completely different. Even when i delete all the pages or comments nothing happens to the content. I have wasted my time for more than a day to make it worked, sent an email to Kharis with the credential, but no support (No blame on him, I sent it on Saturday night and now it’s almost Sunday noon). Tried to find a YouTube to build it from A to Z, but nothing. Please let me know if the Finance child theme is not supposed to work and it’s only an advertising, because I found some topics and everyone had the same issue but aThemes team didn’t provide any practical public support to them, looks like all the answers were with emails. I can’t wait more than this, hopefully I receive something in the next couple of hours. Thanks!

It is also OK with me if you provide a document that I can build a website with Finance Theme without importing the demo files.

I finally got all the demo content, but they are available as while i am in with my credential with the same browser, but as soon as i log out, it shows something else. Thank you for not supporting me after 13 hours. Hope to receive some supports.

I think i figured it out too. Just working on it. It’s really not user friendly. From now on, any documents or support would be appreciated (if there is any).

Hello there,

I am sorry, because I didn’t notice your email. The shared username and password are no longer working. Could you please email me the valid ones?


Hi Kharis,

No problem, Everything is OK at this moment. I will let you know if I have any other questions.


Okay, Great!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.