Sydney pro Child theme file

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I’d like to install Sydney pro theme and child finance theme, however, i can’t find the finance child theme in the website, i could find the Sydney pro II theme and demo files but not the child theme, i downloaded 4 month ago but i can’t find the file anymore. Please advice.

Hello there,

Child theme package can be downloaded separately. It should be available in your account page.


Thank you for your response, but it’s not available there, that’s why i posted here. here is the screenshot of my available downloads;

also i am not sure if sydney pro II is same as Sydney pro.

I am still waiting for the link please

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This is the link:

Please remember that you need to be logged in to see the files.


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I am completely confused. Posted it 3 days ago and still haven’t received the right answer. The link you sent me is the demo files. I am not looking for the demo files, i am looking for Finance theme by itself. I installed it 3 month ago and i have one site up with that. Please and please read my question and need and do not just shoot me a reply. “I NEED FINANCE THEME” not the demo files, not the Sydney pro theme, nothing else.

this is the instruction by your website:

and this is what i expect to see, Active theme: Finance

I digged my old data, found it and installed the finance theme.
You can completely delete this topic.

Hi there,

I’m glad you found it, but the link I sent contains exactly what you asked for, which is the child theme files. If you click Download for the child theme you’re interested in, that is what you get.