Sydney Pro - 404/403 Redirection (and Feature Request)

Greetings… I am reasonably good at WP and website designs for myself though am no web developer and I am using Sydney Pro to design my professional website (psychotherapist). I noticed that SiteOrgins was replaced by Elementor. One Elementor feature I like is the Block & Page Templates including the ability to Create Custom Website 404/403 Pages.

I was wondering how I would change the default to a page specific landing zone so I can create my own pages. I could certainly find a plug-in, but I was hoping for some direction regarding where and/or how I could code in CSS to redirect. Please note… I will not be offended at a more hand-holding answer - go here, chose CCS option under this location, and write the following… thanks :slight_smile: .

PS: It seems that a great addition to the various PRO lines of your themes would be to add the option to chose Default (as you have now) or redirect to Custom for 404 and 403. It would seem like a simple enough addition (though what do I know) and customization of 404 and 403 is not an uncommon aspect of PRO line websites. ~TE

If I got it correctly, you would go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading; on “Your homepage displays” section choose a page for Homepage.

Regarding custom 404 page, you would use additional plugin like this one: