Sydney Pro 1 and 2?

we bought and used Sydney Pro (1 i guess) last year and upgraded now to lifetime for everything.

Two Questions arised now.

  1. Why is there no longer a Key for Sydney Pro (cause license runs out) but only one for Sydney Pro 2?
  2. Can i upgrade to Sydney Pro 2 without losing all of our changes?

Regards Marc

Hello there,


Not sure what you mean. Sorry :frowning: Doesn’t you new lifetime key work? Don’t you receive any theme update notice in the theme administration panel?


Read this documentation, please.

Ensure you haven’t changed the theme’s files directly. If you get it wrong, we’ll be happy to sort it out.


  1. Sadly no. The Key from the lifetime row says: License status is unknown. And because there is no extra key for the Sydney Pro version i tried the Pro 2 but this doesnt work either.

  2. Ok will do if i encounter problems i will open a new topic again. Thanks

![keylog|616x500] see here is no key for Sydney Pro

Hi there,

So, Sydney Pro 1 is no longer part of the lifetime package since Sydney Pro 2 is there. Therefore you won’t find it in the list you posted.

However, I have now marked your Sydney Pro license (the one from your developer package which expires in February) as lifetime, so now it won’t expire anymore. But it doesn’t help you much because we’re not updating SP1 anymore, unless there’s some security emergency. So ideally you’ll move to SP2, I see you already have a dev site where you can test it out. We’re here to help if there’s any need for us.



Thanks a lot for that. Its actually all we need (security updates if problems pop up). Otherwise SP1 offers all we need.