Sydney Pricing Table widget


Saw that you guys added a pricing tables to Sydney Pro which is really great. I tried to get it going but cant figure out how to. Couldnt find any documentation on it either. I tried adding the widget but it says I need to create pricing tables in admin area, couldnt find where though.

Can you please inform me how to get going with you pricing tables.
Best regards Henrik

Hello Henrik,

You should see that item in your Dashboard on the left side, where you see Services, Employees, etc. By the way, do you have Sydney Toolbox plugin installed?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Yeah I saw it there, have toolbox installed

Great! Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Got it working, turns out was something wrong with the page I created that messed it up.

Have some issues with the price for the plan. It says “You can wrap the currency symbol in span tags to make it look different than the price. Example $49”

Would like to have it as you have on
The “currency symbol” in grey then “125” bigger like you have then “/month” also in grey. Can you please provide me with that code and I can adjust it to my personal needs

Also would like the button to have a different color on hoover than my standard buttons, how is that done?

Best regards

Also would like Strikethrough text on two of the features that are not supported in one pricing table.
<strike>Lineup bets</strike> didnt work, possible to use custom css for this aswell? If so how?

Thanks again

Hello Henrik,

Please create a separate topic for each of those issues in order to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.