Sydney portfolio widget

When I add the slug the pictures do not show? I’m on a Mac.

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting. I’d like to help – but – sorry :frowning: – I can’t really get the exact issue you’re having. Could you please tell us how you add that slug, so I can reproduce it in my test site? Also please share a link to your site to let inspecting it.


I think I have sorted it. I noticed in the project page that when I added a new slug it wasn’t being automatically being added to the slug box on the left side of the page. I only found this out because I discovered that the slug has a drop-down menu, so when I checked that was there all was well. I’ll leave what I wrote below in case you want to make some checks.
BTW What is a good size and compression rate for this widget? Also my header picture?

I go to the FP portfolio widget on the home page, open it.
I fill in the title, click images for our services. I then make pages for my projects adding slugs and featured image.
I then go back to FP portfolio widget and add slugs.
I just did it again, the pictures were there and it worked fine. I then added a new one in just the same way called workshops and it is not showing.
I am using a Mac.

Many thanks Joni

Hi, I am trying to open yoga Sydney demo theme in my subdomain after purchasing Sydney pro from you, but I am stuck because the process took me to my purchases on the Atheme website and it says I have no purchases in my history?
My website is here’s the proof of purchase:

  • Sydney Pro 2 Sydney-pro-ii — Thank you for your purchase! To help you get setup we recommend you read the documentation. To install the theme, from your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload and select the theme zip. Once you’ve installed the theme, be sure to visit Appearance > Theme License and activate your license key in order to get automatic update notifications. You can download the demo files here: If you need support, head over to the forums.
    Your license keys (if any):
    Sydney Pro 2: 7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please, can you update my site history and give me instructions on how to proceed with installing the Yoga demo?
Many thanks

Hello there,

I’ve replied it already in your other new topic: Sydney yoga theme