Sydney Portfolio Title not in Alignment

I am developing my website using Sydney and using various tutorials and videos. I have managed to upload pictures into the portfolio section and named them as projects with categories. The problem is the tile of the categories listed above the portfolio is not in alignment.

Can someone offer some support.

My site is

Thank you

Hello there,

This isn’t a common issue has ever reported. I guess there’s script conflict with one of your active plugins, or maybe site caching causing you this trouble.

To debug and troubleshoot it yourself, visit plugins administration panel, and try disabling all other plugins temporarily, except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox. Clear/flush cache, then run your test. If you get it right, to find out of which contains problematic script, enable your plugins one by one, and re-run your test.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve cleared the cache and disabled plugins as you suggested - it hasn’t worked.

Hello there,

Did you add some extra custom CSS code? What’ll happen if you temporarily put them off?


No I haven’t added anything. I don’t now much about coding.

Hi. I wondered if you had any further help for me?

Hi, can you guide me how to put off the CSS code.

I tried deleting the theme and downloading and installing it again and it didn’t work.