Sydney Portfolio - full width and number of images

I would like to limit the number of images to 10, for each category and in total, not just for show all. I have 40+ images, and 5 labels. I get 10 images with show all, and maybe 2 with a category, when there are maybe 8 of that group…

As it is now, all selections only pull from the 10 which show up with show all.

Also, how do I make the portfolio full width?


Hello there,

I am sorry, there is no such that feature. I can’t provide you with code solution as it is a complex task. What we need to do is change the existing PHP code to query more entries based on category. We might also need to adjust the jQuery code which handles category filtering. If it is an urgent, I can only recommend you to hire freelancer on or

> Also, how do I make the portfolio full width?

Edit the row here inserted the portfolio widget, in the Row Styles section, expand the Layout options. Then enable the Full Width Stretched row layout.