Sydney: no "Categories" in projects

After installing Sydney and importing demo-content I can see that there are categories. But while editing or creating a project in the right-hand sidebar there should be an area “Categories”, where I can assign these categories, but it’s not there. Which settings have to be made that it shows up? New projects are on the website, see

Dear Mattes,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

It seems the “Categories” taxonomy isn’t visible by default in the Projects post type editing panel. You should need to enable it through Types > Post Types > Projects. In the “Taxonomies to be used with Project” meta box, give check on “Categories”. Click “Save Post Type” button.

I hope this reply helps.


Thanks, that worked, but strange: In the “Taxonomies to be used with Project” the Kategorien (categories) meta box was checked. I also checked Schlagworte (key-word(?)), then both of them appeared. Then I unmarked Schlagworte and now only Kategorien is to be seen.