Sydney Mobile menu not working on iPad


I have two questions.

The hamburger menu works fine on all site pages on desktops and phones, but not on my iPad.
• On my iPad, Home, the menu works fine.
• On my iPad, Our Approach, the menu doesn’t work and seems like the menu is behind the page elements.
• On my iPad, Blog, the menu works fine.
• On my iPad, Contact Us, the menu doesn’t work.

My second questions is: On Safari, I cannot click the logo to make to go to the home page. Licking on logo works fine in Chrome.

My site link:

Could someone please help me fix this. I would be very grateful.

Thank you guys!


Our Approach: you have some custom code which is messing up the z-index. Check your code for .header-wrap .col-md-8
You should also update the theme or clean the cache from W3 if you’re using the latest theme version. That might fix the menu on Contact us.

  1. Looks fine to me. What Safari version are you using?

Vlad. Thank you for looking into my topic.

  1. I have tried changing the md-8 to various numbers, but I cannot figure this out. I am not a great coder at all, so if you could tell me the fix, that would be awesome. This only happens on iPad or logically between a certain breakpoints.

  2. I am using Safari Version 10.0. If you roll over the logo and move the cursor around the logo slowly, you will see the hit state (finger) disappear. Definitely a glitchy function happening.

Thanks again Vlad!

I cleared my cache as you suggested and upon reloading the website, I do see now that the Our Approach page & Blog page are also not functioning - like my iPad, which I referenced. At least I am getting a consistent break in functionality. Please help me address this fix.

Thanks Vlad.

What I meant is you have this in your custom CSS for some reason:

.header-wrap .col-md-8 {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    right: 0;
    z-index: 10;

Either remove z-index or change it to 12.

  1. I’m sorry, I still don’t see that happening.

That did it. Thank you very much Vlad!