Sydney menue background transparent & html-anchors wrong position

Hi all,

I have an issue: I am using HTML anchors like
But the page scrolls to far down. The reason is that the page menu is ignored in the process of calculation how far the page should scroll down.
I have two ways:
Why is the menu ignored and can I change it? The name of the entry in the configurator is: Colors -> Header -> Background main menu
I can make the background of the menu transparent if the page is more down. I already changed it to white which is an improvement.


I checked you have several videos before the #Schulnummer content area. The scrolling sometimes too far down and sometimes a few pixels down. This is because the embedded videos on top far of it takes several times to be completely loaded.

Thus, I think, the content strategy needs to be revised. I hope that makes sense. Let me know your views.

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Hi Karhis,

I thank you for your answer.
Actually it happens altough after the videos are loaded or on different pages. But it scrolls allways exactly on the position where #schulnummer meets the windows border. But it should scroll to the position #schulnummer + windows border + WordPress-Adminmenu hight + public menue hight.
Try it

Best wishes,

Hi Florian,

As checked further, you’d be able to fix it by adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    @media only screen and (min-width: 1025px) {
      #a {
        margin-top: -170px;
        padding-top: 170px;

I’d request giving it a try and let me know your views.

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Hi Kharis,

I was working on that today and I have tried it out.
Unfortunately it is not working.

It has on my page no effect.
I am using a Child-Theme but I have tried it with the original theme, too.
It is the same situation.

But I recognized: I can define a new class .a2 in addtional CSS and I can use this class in the Gutenberg headline blog which has the anchor as well.
Then it is working.

But I can not add this class into every headline. How can I overwrite this style?

Great! That’s the easist solution we can do.

I think you’re getting content editing challenges and it is not an issue with the theme.

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I would love to use your soluation. But why is it not applied?

I have received some more insights of the situation. Maybe it is a general issue of WordPress and like you said not based on the theme. Maybe you can confirm this.

I have created a little page for the investigation and have deactivated every plugin. On this test page is no thirdparty content involved.

  1. Template without menu on the top (Twenty Fifteen standard template)
    1a) It works perfectly if I am logged out
    1b) If I am logged in, the admin menu hides a part of my anchor
  2. Template with menu on the top (Twenty Fourteen standard template)
    2a) If I am logged out, the menu hides already something of the anchor
    2b) If I am logged in, the admin menu and the page menu hiding together an additionally part of my anchor (even more).

Another idea is that this could be related to the new block editor from WordPress?
Do you experience the same situation in your environment with anchors?