Sydney Menu Header & Imgae color....Question


TO everyone that takes the time to help out in the community I’m new and learning fast…

I am making my very first word press site and will like to amaze my client well actually he is my cousin, and he told me to help him renovate his web page so I said sure… I will help you… Have made it so far…
But yet I am quite new…

Well Lets get to it shall we…

Here is a link of a Picture of my web page…


Or you can go to
Its in spanish and under construction right now but any how…

My two questions are…

FIrst I ran into some issues I need to change the Font Menu In blue color and cant seem to do so its in white and when i hover my mouse it turns blue… so I need it vice versa to what i Have it now, I have read many articles on to change the style.css file or the heder.pho. file but cant seem to find the correct place to modify or change the color as is now…

here is how the page looks now:


ANd the picture dont fit Its a site origin slider and have varios pics that need the correct size and to be like this


keep in mind that when I scroll down I will see the header LOgo static and The Menu static and needs to be in a light transparent blue and the menu needs well to be seen well the font actually and cant make this happen

anyone can help me will be helpful very much!


Here is the css code to change the menu color:

#mainnav ul li a, #mainnav ul li::before {
    color: blue;

And these the css code to make the header logo and menu sticky when the page scrolled:

.site-header.fixed {
    position: fixed;

You can add the css code in above to the styles.css in your child theme (if any) or you can use simple custom css plugin.

Then about this question:
ANd the picture dont fit Its a site origin slider and have varios pics that need the correct size and to be like this

I think I need to check your site directly, could you please to make it published for a while?


Great I will Keep the Site up A while sure for you to help me indeed you ARE A MASTER AND FIXED MY ISSUE WITH THE MENU… COlor now blue!
WOW Amazing Script was great!

Now about the other question… I have as you see on the web page its note yet as IN the original Photoshop I created

It should Turn out something like this hope to get It to the last detail almost…


Now the Question…

How can I get the Pictures In the slider To all Fit the screen as the Picture and for it to have a space between the Menu and the Picture…

Is there any page i can get scripts for this?
I’m very sorry to bother all of you.

DO very much Appreciate the HELP and TIME SPENT!!!

after that on the SERVICIOS Tag line Header

I cant seem to place that on blue and keep it in blue while i scroll down as for the Fixed or sticky Logo and Menu is black also… and The menu letters should be white #ffffff So it can be seen better for my taste…

but what I cant seem to do is the pictures on the bottom row after the tagline SERVICIOS

I would like for the pictures to remain under a curtain of gray and when my mouse clicks over it see the picture in full color and clickable to another page on the site i can do all that except the gray curtain and the hover mouse issue…

THanks alot I will need lots of help and im doing my best THE PAGE WILL BE UP ALL DAY. 24 from now so you can see how my progress is still in demo mode and under construction but I will get it finished soon!



About to displays the header image slider in full width, please try to manage it from: Edit page > Edit row > Row styles > Theme > Row Layout > you can choose Full width or FUll width strecth.

Then to change the menu color when the page is scrolled, please try the css code below:

.site-header.float-header #mainnav ul li a {
    color: #FFF;

And for the image below the servicios section, have you try the project widgets?



I’m still figuring out my picture issue but I will get there…

I’m Motivated and Doing more and more Websites, my goal.

Thank you Honestly!!

I am glad to know that my instructions can help you to resolve your issue.

Please feel free to ask here if you need more help

Thank You Awan…

Its me Again I need Help Once mOre…

Oks so the Front Page is done…

I still cant figure out the picture from black and white or as I say, Curtain Mode. Any how I stummbled upon a website that offers what i need but cant seem to activate it or use it…
Here is the website link for more info…
And here are the steps I was told to follow not in that same way…

If you get confused just thinking about the code – here is the step by step version (color coded and everything):

Open your page visual editor .
Add your FIRST image (in my example, the black and white cog) using the “Add Media” button.
Right next to it do the same for the HOVER image (in my example, the color cog).
Now for the code part … open the Text editor.
Add the <div class=”effect”> before the first image and </div> after the second image.
Within the code of your first image, find the part that refers to the class …. class=”alignnone wp-image …. “. Just afater the first open quote, add the class bw.
Now find the same class section in the second image and add the class color.

When you return to the visual editor, the images will appear to be side by side (or one above the other if you have them center aligned). Don’t worry … just move along.
PART 2. Add this CSS to your stylesheet:

From your dashboard go to Appearance > Editor > styles.css should come right up. Insert this before any @media coding near the bottom:

.effect .color, .effect:hover .bw { display: none; }
.effect:hover .color { display: block; }

Now That CSS code makes one black and white picture and when the mouse hovers over it to color, of course we will have to have 2 picture sets one black and white and one in full color in order for this css code to work, So my question is what and how can I use it on my framse set… did not quite get the steps and when followed in me end it did not work…

ANd one other question…

my front page settings as the logo and the menu padding size height and everything I will love to have them and use them in other pages example contact page or enlaces or noticias page etc… but it seems only the front page has that implemented on the css code you gave me for the header and the color and everything how can I duplicate that front page and just place different content on the body of the page, with out having to reorganize page by page…

thank you…

Also a question the footer
is there a way to center the
copyright Symbol and info on the bottom of the page
something like

© 2016 Corporativo Blumen Todos Los Derechos Reservados

Something like that?

but when I place a widget and try to change the font color stays in dark blue…
I wonder some things on wordpress are very simple and user friendly and some ar’nt, there should be a software where one can just dance in and do what ever copy paste and move anything any simple way and without 100% any code needed, Any how I will try to get my sites ready… now I am doing 4 sites…

THanks for all the help mate…


link to website sorry for the css code i found is here link

sorry forgot it on other post

My apologize, but could you please to create a new thread for your last questions? please create one thread for one question.


Great I did not know we can do that…

Created the topics for each question correctly thanks!