Sydney menu doesn't show Projects, Services etc

Hello, I have two Sydney installations, one works perfectly the other doesn’t show Projects, employees, testionials ecc… in the menu page. An alternative way to build the menu with the links to those posts
is from the “customize” page, but when you access the website the menu shows only a “-” character.
It seems to be a bug, I disabled all plugins except Sydney toolbox.

It’s easier to understand the bug visiting the website is
and looking at the menu (the two - - )in the up-right corner

Thank you.

Hello Lele,

Please try to do the following.

Go to your DashboardAppearanceCustomizeFonts → change Menu items value from 1 to 14 → click Save & Publish button.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you for the prompt reply, that solved the problem of visualization (did I change it by mistake?)
but it did not solve the more substantial problem that in Appearence->;Menus I can only see the WP default pages - post - custom links - categories, but I can’t see the custom types Projects - Testimonials - Services ecc.
I can only add them to the main menu through appearance->customize->menu
Is it normal?
This doesn’t happen in the other (older) installation.

Do you have the Types plugin active by any chance? Sydney Toolbox doesn’t run any code if that plugin is present.

I installed Toolset Types but it was always disabled so it should not create the problem.
Now I disabled all the plugins except Sydney toolbox but the problem persists.
Thank you

Sorry, I thought you meant it doesn’t show up in the admin area.

You probably just have the custom post types disabled for the menu. When you’re in the menu editor, click on Screen Options from the top right hand side. Click to enable them.

Perfect, thank you very much.