Sydney masonry portfolio

i’m having a problem getting the masonry portfolio extension to show full width. i’ve tried selecting the full width option in the page builder and it’s not having any effect. maybe i’m missing a setting or something…?

I’ve visiting your site, and the portfolios section already has full width display.

Did you already resolve this?

on the sydney demo, the portfolio section spans from browser edge to browser edge…that is the look i was hoping to achieve. any suggestions?

i’m using the sydney portfolio extension. i have the front page template set up and the row containing the portfolio shortcode is a “visual editor” type widget.

I’m not able to get mine to load at all in the fully installed demo on my subdomain:

Nevermind, got mine to work. User error.

Edit your page and from the Page Builder go to Edit Row > Theme > and select Full Width Stretched for the layout.

worked perfectly vlad! thank you!