Sydney: Header slideshow on mobiles

Morning guys. I’m using Sydney theme
My website looks great on PCs but i just have a plain white square instead of the header slideshow on mobiles
How can i fix that ?

For the record my website is


first of all, just for the record, your domain is :stuck_out_tongue:

I took a look at your website with my firefox webdeveloper tools and saw this:

Please check your linked images. Did you uploaded them on wordpress?
Localhost is the viewers PC. That is why you can see it on your PC. If you check it with another you will see the same thing as on your mobile.

Best regards,

Thank you very much.
It was the problem.

So if I understand, everytime we transfer website from local to server, we must upload again the pictures in the header slideshow?

Great that it worked!

Not only the header images I guess. When you create a website on your localhost server and move it on a ftp server, you should check every link on the websites. That includes links in texts, images and other stuff.
Because localhost is just your own PC it works on yours. But when you transfer it on a server the localhost is wrong. It shall be in case of wordpress something like