Sydney Header Slider Texts don't crops when when viewing in portrait on mobile

when I change the orientation of the device to portrait, while images and layout tend to fit themselves to the website layout, the header text remains unchanged and thus being cropped on screen.

please advice


Can you share your site URL here?

Hi Awan

No, it’s still IP, not domain
can I send it to you in private?

okay, please send it to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail.


looks like the problem is solved
playing with my CSS further it seems that the forcing of the px is responsible for the issues.
the fix size pixels on different devices and orientations make the site view go crazy.
when I moved to ‘vw’ and ‘vh’ units, it has ben sorted out.

(vw- view width, vh - view height)
so they are the dynamic units I’v been looking for.

Yeah, I have checked your CSS code and its worked :slight_smile:

I will make this topic resolved then.