Sydney - Front Page Slider

First of all thank you because your theme made my life easier. But I only have on problem…It seem that the front page slider both the background and the text does not move together.
Well at first they (both the background and the text) were syncronized to each other. but when I open new browser tab and return to the tab where my site with a sydney theme is…the background slides first followed by the text. They are no longer syncronized with each other.
I know the way I explain was quite confusing.

  1. but just try opening the Sydney Demo site. Load it up.
  2. Open A new tab.
  3. Click to the tab where the Sydney theme is located.
  4. and check the slider part.

anyway if you reply, It would be of great help. thanks.

Hello there,

Thank you for using our theme.

The front page slider is made by two jQuery slider libraries at the same place. It isn’t an easy task to sync them. Apologies, there is no way to resolve it. Please refer here.



I have followed everything on the link you gave. but still no progress. are there anymore possible solutions?

I also have been trying to debug the js code but upto now still has no luck.