Sydney FREE with child theme upgrade to Sydney Pro with Child theme

I have trialed Sydney Free for a while and like it. Naturally I have setup a Child theme and made quite a few custom CSS edits.

Now that I know I want to keep the them I have decided to purchase PRO and uploaded the theme to the site.

I have also downloaded the Customizer EXPORT/IMPORT Plugin for moving customizer settings.

So current state is:

  • Sydney Free installed (Inactive)
<li>Child Theme to Free (Active Theme)</li>

<li>Sydney PRO  installed (Inactive)</li>

<li>Plugin Customizer Exp/Imp installed and activated</li>

I have searched high and low on here but may be blind. Is there a step by step of the easiest way to migrate from FREE to PRO, whilst keeping all customisations and end up with a Child theme to PRO?


maybe this will help?

Thanks much but this does not provide much insight on how to deal with the child theme :frowning:



There is a same way to create a child theme with the Sydney pro theme, you just need to duplicate your Sydney child theme and renamed it as Sydney pro child theme. Usually its about the naming of the directory of the child theme and the child theme configuration that placed in styles.css in the child theme.

Thanks that put me on the right track and a bit further digging has revealed the last puzzle piece. It appears that the Child theme for Sydney is for FREE version so the code referring to the theme needs to be changed in the style.css. So I post my step by step for posterity:

  1. Upload Pro Theme
  2. Export Settings from FREE child theme
  3. Create NEW Child Theme directory in remote WP Theme folder
  4. Populate with child theme
  5. Open style.css and find the line Template: sydney then change it to Template: sydney-pro-ii.
  6. Then activate child theme and Import settings from line 2

Thanks for all your input