Sydney FP widgets are mixed up on other pages

I’ve fully updated all of my plugins and have tried disabling everything possible. What’s happening is my home page is a basic Sydney template that works and uses the “Sydney FP: Services type B” widget. I have another page on this website which also uses that widget, along with 3 others. No matter the browser I’m using, these widgets will get mixed up.

So example,
Home page has Sydney FP Services type B widget
Page #2, #3, and #4 have their own separate FP services type B widget
If you browse between the pages, eventually one of them will be wrong. You will be on page #4 and see the services widget of page #2 or #3. If I flush the cache on wordpress, update the page with nothing changing to it, or do a shift + F5 to refresh the page it will usually be the correct one again. This also happens with my “Sydney: Contact info” widget with multiple pages as well. It’s maddening as it’s the last issue I have with my hopeful website :slight_smile:

I’ve read that SiteOrigin Pagebuilder conflicts with this plugin with misplacing rows (?) but I haven’t confirmed it. Is there anything I can do to make these correct?

Hello @memelord,

You have mentioned “cache on wordpress”, do you use some caching plugin?

If yes, can you please try to temporarily deactivate it and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for your quick reply!
At the moment I am not using any. I did try out a third party one after having these issues in an attempt to fix it but deactivated and deleted it.

Hello @memelord,

Can you please provide links to those pages?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Sure, here’s the work in progress:

It’s on a temporary GoDaddy domain. If you use the call to action buttons, it’s smooth on the front page. Then if you go to facilities and try Northern Minnesota - Duluth - North Shore Estates, and try the Mala Stranas in New Prague, and the Lake Crystal locations, new Richland and Mapleton pages in Southern Minnesota as well.

You’ll notice that you’ll go to Lake Crystal from the North Shore Estates page and the widget displays the wrong facility name sometimes. And sometimes the call to action button on the front page goes to the other pages so it won’t work.

It’s those widgets in particular. The problem seems to happen more in Internet Explorer than the others. It can take a few navigations before the error shows up.


I can’t see your site but I believe I know what the issue is and we’ll handle it in the next update. We’ve had a similar topic yesterday, did some testing and was able to fix the issue.

Actually, if you could please email me at vlad[at] I can send you a version of the theme with the fix for this, just so you can confirm that the issue is resolved.