Sydney FP: Social Profile - Color

Can you tell me why the icons are red at once in the widget “Sydney FP: Social Profile”. They were always know I have not changed since weeks because today they are red at once.
Red lettering on a red background is quite nonsensical. I want to have the font color of the buttons turn white. They were always white…

my site:

I have set the font color within the text of the widget already to “white”, which does not help. The icons remain red. :frowning:

Any other Idea…?

Have first of all an image placed behind it. But really should be red, the background, and the color of Sovial Media Buttons white. As previously!!


We just completed the update for Sydney Pro 1.24 and are too having the same issue. Our social bar icons are now red and not the original white color… How can we quickly fix this?


Hi all,

sorry for the inconvenience about the color of the social media button. you can put this code below using custom css plugin:

.social-menu-widget a, .social-menu-widget a:hover {
    color: white;


This actually happened with the most recent Page Builder plugin update. We have a fix for this and we’ll be updating the theme today, meanwhile you can use Awan’s code.

okay… thanks… i will wait for the next sydney update… :slight_smile:

We just updated and seems to be working just fine! Thanks for the fast support service! I’m sure we all appreciate it equally :slight_smile: