Sydney FP: Services Type A disappeard


I use Polylang to have my site bilingual. I have updated the theme and some plugins as well as the WP itself and for some reason Sydney FP: Services Type A does not appear on the English versions of my site. On the Czech version it appears without problem. Strangely eenough, Sydney FP: Services Type A appears even on the English version if I do not indicate any slug for your category of services I want to show. But then all services (even from the Czech version) appear.

I have tried to deactivate every single plugin I use but without success. Do you have any idea what the problem can be?

Thank you!


Were they assigned to single category? What will happen if you temporarily edit all services and uncheck selected category. I am wondering if it might be an issue with category translation.


Hello Kharis.

All services in English were assigned the same category. I don’t think there is a problem with category translation since the selected category was “1”.

I have somehow fixed the problem by not indicating any category to be displayd in the English version. This means the all services regardless their category should be displayed. Since the English services come first I just prevent the Czech ones to be displayed by limiting the number of displayed services to the number of English services.

But still, I don’t understand why I can’t indicate categories in English version.