Sydney FP: Portfolio is not showing navigation filter and project title

Hi Team,

First thank you for your work and providing such great tools.

Recently I am having issue with Sydney FP: Portfolio - it is not showing navigation filter and project title even though both options are checked in settings.
Previously this plugin was working perfectly fine - till today.

I have note done any updates since yesterday. I am using elementor. I did clear cookies and tried in both Chrom and firefox, but navigation and project titles not showing up.

Could you please help with this?

Many thanks,

Hello Dominik,

Thank you for choosing our theme for your site.

Have you set the filter term name?



Hi Kharis,

Thank you for reaching out.
Yes, each project has title and assigned category.

The thing is that I have not change any settings, and it just stopped displaying navigation filter and project title.


Do you have a link to share here, so I can have a look? Maybe it’s been hidden by other plugin’s CSS.


Unfortunately I have it only on my localhost.

I am using Sydney FP: Portfolio plugin.

I was looking also for a Sydney page with portfolio shortcodes so I can use text editor and shortcode to see if this work, but cannot find this page anymore.

Could you advise?
Many thanks

I notice when I use the standard page builder then Sydney FP: Portfolio works correctly, but when page is built with Elementor project names an category filters are not showing up.

Any ideas?


Hello there,

Try to use the category slugs instead of complete names.



Thanks Kharis.

I do not have slugs in Sydney Projects, only name, category and date.

Anyway It seems to be issue with Elementor. I did rollback to older v2.2.7 and now it works correctly.