Sydney FP: Portfolio - Default featured image sizes

Hello, I’m hoping you can help with this;

I would like for all my project featured images to automatically default to the same on my homepage. How can change this to make sure it defaults to only one size?

My url is

Hello @bunngurlz3,

You can try to use this PHP snippet in order to do that:

function image_size_override() {
    add_image_size('sydney-mas-thumb', 480, 320, true);
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'image_size_override', 11 );

You can add PHP code to your site with Code Snippets plugin (just copy PHP code and paste it in Dashboard → Snippets → Add New after installing and activating the plugin, name the snippet, and click Save Changes and Activate button). Also you can add PHP code directly to functions.php file of your child theme.

Then you can use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

You can read about functions that are used in snippet here:

You can read about after_setup_theme hook (that is also used in snippet) here:

Kind Regards, Roman.

I’m so happy this worked perfectly. Thank You!!

Great! You are welcome @bunngurlz3 :slight_smile:

And have a nice day!

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

I followed the instructions above and the file size did not change. I realize this is two years old so figured I would ask if there was an update to the snippet or something else that needs to be done differently now?



Please create a new topic for your issue (with a link to this old topic) to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you. I’ll close this topic to avoid confusion, hope for your understanding.

Kind Regards, Roman.