Sydney FP: Call to action Button Link


In the “Link for the button” field that appears when setting up the CTA or other widgets’ buttons, is there a way of inputting a text query that is not a https?

I’m trying to execute a widget onclick but the button link field doesn’t keep the new content. How can I make the widget inserting the following in the resulting html?

I mean,

  • Having this <. a target="_self" class=“roll-button button” href="" onclick=“Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: ‘’});return false;”>Book a call </a.>

  • Instead of this: <.a target="_self" class=“roll-button button” href=“”>Book a call</a.>

I have the rest of the required instructions in the page head (CSS, JS, etc) and just need the button widget to take "" onclick="Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: ‘’});return false;" as an input for the “Link for the button” field. Now, when updating the content in the CTA button field it is not saved (blank field after updating/saving the changes).



Maybe you can try using javascript query selector. Something like this:

document.querySelector('.roll-button').addEventListener('click', function(event){
	Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: ''});
	return false;

You can use this plugin to put the Javascript code.