Sydney footer.php is not working!

I have updated the footer.php of Sydney theme to reflect the following message in the footer of my website (
© All Rights Reserved.

The only change I did in the footer.php is, I replaced the original code between the following lines:

with the below line
© . All Rights Reserved.

The above change was perfectly working with previous version of WordPress but not with the latest version of WordPress!

Please investigate and provide resolution.

My Website address is


Hi SKar,

Editing the theme’s files are not recommended. Because you’ll lose the applied changes after updating the theme and all files are replaced with the fresh ones.

Adding further, theme’s feature that enables editing the footer copyright line is available in the pro version of Sydney. And it can be accessed easily from Appearance menu > Customize > Sydney Pro: Extra options > Footer credits.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 05.17.03

I’d recommend upgrading since you’re looking for one of pro features.

aThemes Support