Sydney Employees widget

Yes, must be easy, but i don’t know really how to arrive to this page without your link,
anyway… it make me feel an idiot…
also i don’t understand why you ask me to modify my site from www

my site is
the widget is working since two days ago and from the new release of sydney theme i does not.
…my provider’s server today is very slow…

I asked you to change it in order to prevent some cross-origin issues, like fonts not loading properly etc.

Your employees issue has nothing to do with the theme. Disable your Foogallery plugin and it will work properly.

Not sure if you noticed but your SSL isn’t working right, you should talk to your host.

so: witch plugin should i use to have a nice and function gallery?
with album and slider view?
there are thousands of them and i’d like if you can suggest me the best to use with the sydney theme.

Whichever you like, just don’t use that one. Can’t suggest one specifically.

Ok, i disabled foogallery but look the result, all images are too stretched now using a wide screen and only one is showed.

what about the problem to insert phone number or personal url in employees view?

what do you think about slider revolution plugin?
are there any problem to use it with sydney?

after this, i greet you

There are no problems. We have it included in the paid version:

You still haven’t fixed your SSL.

Now, i resolve my ssl problem, than i’ll buy the pro version.
thank you, have a nice weekend