Sydney Customizer vs. Elementor global settings

Hi there,

Since you advertise Sydney as “chosen by elementor” (and you also have to edit the demo pages using elelementor), i dare to adress this topic: Please forward to the corresponding places if this does not belong here:

You can set fonts, colors, logo, favicon etc. is the customizer AS WELL as in Elementor global settings.
I don’t know wich settings is “stronger”, plus the site loads at least 2 additional CSS files.

I would love to have a guidance (e.g. in the customizer) wich settings are superior and how to properly change fonts, colors, etc. (and how not to do it).


First thanks for using our theme!

We recommend for you use only the Customizer settings for global changes. If you handle with Elementor global settings some conflicts will occur and not be applied to all pages. For example, the elementor global settings will not work for archive and single post pages.

My suggestion for you is use only the Customizer for global settings.

Hope this helps and clarifies!

Let us know if you have more questions.

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aThemes Support