SYDNEY: CTA widgets displaying overlap on mobile


I am completely new to any coding etc so have very little knowledge (I can follow instructions). Obviously I have made a mistake in the page’s layout.

The bottom row contains three CTA buttons that display perfectly on desktop, but on a mobile they crush together. I would like them to ‘stack’ neatly on mobile (as they do for the home page).

I have scoured your replies to other threads before asking, but if you have answered elsewhere then I’m afraid I can’t find it.

Thank you in advance. Sorry to waste your time fixing my mistake.

Hello there,

I am sorry, I can’t get the issue you’ve described. Everything looks fine on my phone as seen on the below screenshot. Have you been able to manage it by yourself? Or, am I missing something? Please advice.



Hi Kharis,

Sorry to have troubled you. I worked it out and resolved it before you had the chance to see the site.

I appreciate you taking a look. It’s my first website and the Sydney theme has been absolutely wonderful. Great theme. Been a steep learning curve…but a little persistence has gone a long way. Thanks to the whole aTheme team.

Best regards