Sydney: Contact info - Email font size for mobile

I’m trying to change the Sydney contact widget.
The size of the email font in the mobile version is very large. And with the css codes I used, nothing works.
Can you help me?

Thank you very much.

Hello there,

What CSS code did you use? Please share your site URL here, so I can take a look.


I am using sydney theme with slider but the real problem is that I am unable to show form on the contact page ,I have insert the code of form in the page but unable to view on page ,its does not show any function except for text.pls help on this and one more thing I also found one problem that after many times its shows the wordpress install page again and corrected later by own ,which is also strange in this theme.,sometimes on my url its shows again install page of wordpress (where we have to select language before proceeding )which is risky for my website