Sydney child theme styles not taking effect

I’m using the downloaded Sydney child theme, and none of the style edits I make in its style.css seem to have any effect, and are not being read by the browser at all (not just overwritten, according to Chrome’s code inspector)

I corrected the theme URI in the style.css to match my path to the child theme folder.
Edits in Appearance-Customize-Additional CSS show up fine, but this is bad form for a lot of customizations.
I’m familiar with flushing the browser cache, it’s not that.
I’m not running any caching plugins.
I’ve verified that the updated css file uploaded to my host correctly.

Example page is at: …if child theme were working the widget title at right would be red.


Child theme is working fine as you can see in my screencast .

Problem is that theme options are printing theme styles as inline so they are of greater importance then same selectors and css inside your child theme. You should first set colors from available theme options, and for additional styling use css code in child theme, or if you want to keep all your styling inside child theme then you need to use additional selectors in order to override inline styling or to use !important.

Best Regards!

Now I see! I didn’t realize all the customizer settings were being added to the page header and hence had priority… of course. Thanks for explaining that!