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My mobile menu button for my website is there but it’s not visible. I have read threads from March of this year and have tried all suggested css changes. I already have .site-header .btn-menu .sydney-svg-icon {fill: #ff0000; }. I have also tried to change the mobile menu button colour under colours. I have tried all the various other suggestions given except caching.

My web designer has disappeared (my website was built a couple of years ago and I’ve been maintaining it myself -I believe he’s moved overseas but I don’t have his details - he was a one-man business). I am pretty good with WordPress, as long as it’s fairly straightforward. When it comes to the more complex background things, however, I can’t afford to break my site (I can’t afford to pay someone to fix it at the moment and I don’t have time to rebuild it myself) and I’m not confident enough to try without detailed instructions.

Oh, yes, and I’m also on the latest versions of everything, as far as I am aware (I updated WordPress and the Sydney (parent) theme about a week ago after the toolbox crashed my site). Nothing is showing as needing updated.

I want to promote my website to try and bring in more business but I can’t do this until I have fixed the menu button. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you!


Can you post your site URL here?


Hi Awan

Many thanks for your response.

My site is On mobile, the menu button is in the grey bit (centred) under my logo.

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Hi, looks like you have already resolved the issue. The menu button is displayed.

Hi Awan

Apologies, yes. I did get someone to assist me yesterday. I was getting a lot of traffic to my website due to a couple of Facebook ads I had boosted and needed to get it sorted quickly. I’m glad to see it’s there now. :0)

I haven’t been in yet to see what she’s done though as she’s only just let me know.

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I would like to change the size of the button. How can I do that?

Thanks, Ronaar


Try this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard; and do your own adjustments necessarily.

    .header-slider .roll-button {
      padding: 5px 15px;

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