Sydney cal, to action problem

hey folks,

this is a weird one. i’ve made the sydney call to action rows similar to the demo site which has a row with layout builder having a text row and a row with 2 call to action buttons and another row below it with a call to action “contact us” and finally a third row with the social media buttons.

i’ve used a page that is correct as a guide/reference to make several other pages, all working fine. on this last page I’ve made the middle row which contains a call to action button “contact us” actully shows the call to action button from the 1rst rows call to action, not what the 2nd row call to action widget shows.

I’ve tried to delete the row and rebuild it thinking there was some kind of tie between to 2 call to actions widgets somehow, but the same thing happens. i actually deleted the widget in the 1st row’s call to action and the 2nd rows call to action reverts to what its suppose to be. fixed. when i add a call to action back to the 1st row and update, the 2nd rows call to action changes to the 1st rows call to action i just added in the 1st row.


Hello Anton,

Please check this topic:

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