Sydney background image parallax

Hi there!
This theme is quite wonderful! I have used a couple of your templates on other sites I host and this one seems to be my favorite!!!

I have just one question, is it possible to completely fix the row backgrounds instead of having them parallax scroll? For instance in Moesia, the background of each row is stationary while the content scrolls over it till it gets to the next section.

I’d appreciate any help with this ;-))

Hy Mylinda,
Maybe this help, put this code below using custom css plugin

.panel-row-style {
  background-position: center top !important;

HOLY SMOKES!!! You’re awesome! I changed the code to that in the actual css stylesheet with no results, it never occurred to me to put it in the simple css!

Thank you soooooo much!!!

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Hello Awan,
First question is: how to remove the standard background image?

Iam a total Newbe and wonder if this [Mylinda question] would also work in the Child theme or do I have to do extra things here
Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @leticiaxxx

Please post your question in the new thread.