Sydney and Live Composer

Hello dear Athemes! I already declared my love to the Sydney theme. But I think there is room for improvement.

I wish for Sydney to be more compatible with the live composer-plugin. Today the interaction between live composer is okey. But there is one problem as I see it.
Sydney don’t have a page template suited for the plugin. To be more specific: In the West theme you added a special template just for Live composer. I would like to see a similar template in the Sydney Theme.
The problem is that sydneys page/container/content/wrap/ is not full width. So its desirable to have a fullwidth template(like in the west theme). So you don’t have to code every page manually through css-code.

I earlier requested other updates but I don’t recieved any response to my previous wishes. Should I consider your silence as a negative answer to my wish for change?

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for you attention.