Sydney and Crelly Slider, Menu items on Overlay grey tile


I have installed Crelly Slider to use instead of built-in Header Slider, since this way I have much more control over the slides, like number of slides, different texts, videos e.t.c.

Now, I have managed to have the wide image in the slides all over the screen, but the thing is that when the built-in image slider is turned off (Menu items only), the Logo and Menu items on Home page only are shown on overlay like grey tile, not all transparent like wehn built-in slider is used.


Can this be resolved with a CSS code?

best regards,


Hello Marjan,

Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .page-id-1000 .site-header:not(.float-header) {
      background-color: transparent;

Adjust 1000 number above to match with your page ID. We need this to avoid script conflict on other pages.