Sydney 1.73 hamburger menu not working

I have the latest update, v 1.73 of Sydney, and the latest version of Wordpress.
The hamburger menu does not unfold in mobile, iPad versions.
I tried to re-install the theme, empty cache, install the plugin of some other similar topic, insert some codes of other similar topics, and nothing so far.

since I’m here, I have a video on homepage that doesn’t play on mobile version anymore (it used to)

could you please help?


thank you in advance!


I am sorry, I can’t replicate the same issue on my test site.

To check whether one plugin or third-party script on your site causes this trouble, try disabling all plugins at once, running your test, re-activating them one by one and testing in each.

Adding, to perform this troubleshooting steps privately, you can enable troubleshooting mode with the help of this plugin:

aThemes Support