Switching from Sydney Pro (with Types, not Plugin) to Talon Pro

Hey Guys,

I’ve developed sequentialmac.com on Sydney Pro before the toolbox plugin existed. However, when I try to switch to Talon Pro, install the required plug ins and deactivate the types plugin, I loose all my portfolio entries.

Is there anyway that I can do this migration without loosing all my previous work?



Where exactly do yo lose your portfolio? On the front end or in the backend? As far as I can see, on your front end you’re using a widget from Site Origin for the projects.

I actually tested this on a separate environment just in case. I cloned my website to a subdomain and everything worked fine. When I switched to the new athemes toolbox from the types plugin, I had access to my portfolio pages on the back end but when I clicked on the portfolio links on the main page, it would send me to a 401 missing link page.

Can I see that environment?

If it fixed if you go to Settings > Permalinks and click on Save?