Switching from Avada

After many years using Avada for numerous sites Theme Fusion have just informed me that I need a $60 license for every site that I’ve built. This has sent me scrambling looking for other themes to use. The needs on every site are unique and will take a lot of further research; however, the first site I am looking at changing includes an Avada form to make an appointment. I have reviewed the many posts on here but can’t find any information about if I can create a custom form to handle appointments. Appreciate any help anyone can offer.

I am also researching multi-site licenses but it appears that Envato has a stranglehold on theme developers and won’t allow this.


​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patient.

Thank you for your interest on switching theme to Sydney.

Avada is a huge theme and you might not be able to get smooth transition due to some specials custom post types and meta datas own by Avada. You should confirm this to Avada team support.

aThemes Support